Which Course is Right for You?

We've gone to great lengths to ensure our courses offer the most comprehensive teaching and engaging experience you'll find on faith, sexuality & gender.

For LGBTQ People

Journeys of Faith

Stories of Love & Purpose From LGBTQ/SSA Christians. A FREE 8-part series designed for LGBTQ and same-sex attracted people interested in Jesus.

For Parents

Parenting LGBTQ Kids

This 11-part series helps Christian parents navigate the journey of raising and walking alongside their LGBTQ child.

For Pastors & Leaders

Faith, Sexuality, and Gender: Digital Leaders Forum

A comprehensive course on faith, sexuality, and gender for Christian leaders and pastors taught by Dr. Preston Sprinkle.

For Small Groups

Grace/Truth Small Group Experience

10 conversations that every thoughtful Christian should have about faith, sexuality, and gender.

For Teens, Pastors, and Teachers

Christian Sexuality

This comprehensive discipleship experience will help youth leaders, teachers, mentors, parents, youth and young adults engage in one of the most important conversations of our age.

Meet Dr. Preston Sprinkle

President of The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender

Preston Sprinkle

Preston is a biblical scholar (Ph.D. in New Testament), an international speaker, and a New York Times bestselling author who has written numerous books including "Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church, and What the Bible Has to Say", "People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue", and "Living in a Gray World: A Christian Teen's Guide to Homosexuality". Preston is the host of Theology in the Raw, a popular Christian podcast that dives into a variety of important topics. Preston has given talks to thousands of people worldwide on the topic of faith, sexuality, and gender. He and his wife, Chris, and their four children live in Boise, Idaho. Learn more about Preston on his website: www.prestonsprinkle.com


Francis Chan

Pastor & Author

"Preston is one of the leading and trusted Christian voices when it comes to faith, sexuality and gender. I wholeheartedly recommend that Christians learn from his work in this area."

Matt Chandler


"As I have tried to navigate faithfully the issues of sexuality in our day…Preston does the best job I have found explaining the implications and applications of the Scriptures on these issues."

Karen Swallow Prior


"God's word and his truths never change, but cultures do. Living today in a culture that continually challenges historic church teachings on marriage and human sexuality, we need resources, teaching, and counsel that speak the truth in love for these times. This is what you'll find at the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender."

Gabe Lyons

Founder of Q Ideas

"Preston is one of the few Christians who can speak with authority, clarity, and compassion on issues related to sexuality and gender. I hope that many leaders listen to his voice!"

Engaging LGBTQ Questions with Theological Faithfulness and Courageous Love


  • What is this organization's statement or view on marriage, sexuality & gender?

    1. According to God’s design and intent, sex difference (male and female) is an intrinsic part of what marriage is. While same-sex marriage is legal in some countries, it does not represent a historical, Christian view of marriage. 2. All sex outside of marriage is sin. 3. The Fall has corrupted God’s original intent for human sexuality in all persons; therefore, all people—straight or non-straight—experience corruption in their sexuality. 4. Simply experiencing attraction to the same sex (or being gay) is not in itself a morally culpable sin. 5. Biological sex is an essential part of human identity. 6. All forms of abuse, slander, dehumanization, or oppression toward fellow humans are an affront against God’s sacred image, which has been stamped upon all people.

  • What does The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender do?

    The Center equips leaders with theologically sound and accessible resources through our conferences, pastoral and academic papers, private theological and pastoral consultation, blogs, videos, podcasts, and webinars.

  • Which eCourse is best for me? Who is this content for?

    This content is intended for Christian leaders who desire to uphold the Word of God while loving people better. We've found our content is most helpful to those in ministry leadership, parents of LBGTQ kids, LGBTQ Christians, and Christians who desire to better understand our cultural moment. If you are a parent or mentor with an LGBTQ child, we recommend "Parenting LGBTQ Kids." If you are a pastor, counselor, church elder, or Christian interested in LGBTQ topics on a deeper theological level, we recommend "Digital Leaders Forum." If you are a Christian who wants to start a conversation about faith, sexuality, and gender in your small group, we recommend "Grace/Truth." Lastly, if you are a youth pastor, parent, teen, or Christian wanting to understand God's design for our sexuality, we recommend "Christian Sexuality", which was created for teens 12-18, and also has an "Individuals" option for adults of any age.

  • I want to go through this course(s) with a group of people, can I do that?

    Our courses are designed and priced for one user per purchased course. If you wish to show the course to a group, please purchase one course per person in the group. Email support@centerforfaith.com for group rates.

  • What is the purpose of this content? What will I learn?

    You’ll learn practical ways to love LGBTQ people, what the Bible says about marriage and same-sex relations, how to respond to affirming arguments and how to humanize the discussion, pastoral guidance & actual case studies, relevant Q&As on sexuality and gender, and the latest scientific research on sexuality and gender.

  • What does it cost and how long do I have access?

    Parenting LGBTQ Kids = $99. Digital Leaders Forum = $50. Grace/Truth = $35. All of our courses are accessible for 18 months, after which time you will need to re-purchase the course.

  • What if I have technical questions or need support while going through the course(s)?

    If you have questions about technical support, please email us at support@centerforfaith.com. If you have theological questions, please refer to our Pastoral Papers, which can be downloaded for free at https://www.centerforfaith.com/resources.

  • How can I get Christ-centered personal counseling or advice about an LGBTQ family member or friend?

    While we are not a counseling organization, we do keep a growing list of counselors and therapists who have told us that they help clients explore sexuality and gender identity in a way that honors their Christian faith. You can request a referral at www.centerforfaith.com/contact

  • Where does this organization stand on Christians using terms like "gay" and "LGBTQ"?

    We believe that faithful Christians who experience attraction to the same sex or gender dysphoria can reach different conclusions about which language is most helpful to describe their experience. To understand two different faithful approaches to this question, read our blog dialogue "Gay vs. "Same Sex Attraction" (centerforfaith.com). For additional discussion of concerns about the phrase "gay Christian" (and responses to those concerns), watch "What Does 'Gay Christian' Actually Mean?" We will also be hosting a webinar about these topics on April 25, 2022, called "Should Christians Identify as Gay?"