What to Expect

Eight sessions designed for LGBTQ and same-sex attracted people interested in Jesus.

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    • WATCH: Trailer (02:45)

    • Welcome: Before You Get Started

    • Welcome Survey

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    • WATCH: Session 1 (17:06)

    • Discussion Guide for Session 1

    • Supplemental: Eve Tushnet, "Learning to Say ‘God is Love’ When You’re Gay"

  3. 3
    • WATCH: Session 2 (19:40)

    • Discussion Guide for Session 2

    • Supplemental: C.S. Lewis, "Deciding about Jesus: Liar, Lunatic or Lord"

    • Supplemental: Greg Coles, "Resurrection Without Death"

  4. 4
    • WATCH: Session 3 (20:59)

    • Discussion Guide for Session 3

    • Supplemental: Brandan Robertson & David Bennett, "Side A & B Gay Christians Debate Sexuality"

    • Supplemental: Preston Sprinkle, "What is Marriage?"

    • Supplemental: Tim Mackie, "Jesus, Marriage, & Sex"

    • Supplemental: Park Hill, "The Story of Marriage"

  5. 5
    • WATCH: Session 4 (20:16)

    • Discussion Guide for Session 4

    • Supplemental: Debra Hirsch, "What Jesus' Sexuality Means for Your Sexuality" (Webinar)

    • Supplemental: Ron Belgau, "Celibacy and Healing"

  6. 6
    • WATCH: Session 5 (21:26)

    • Discussion Guide for Session 5

    • Supplemental: Pastoral Paper #16, "Understanding Celibate Partnerships and Committed Friendships"

  7. 7
    • WATCH: Session 6 (22:18)

    • Discussion Guide for Session 6

    • Supplemental: Renovare, "Spiritual Disciplines"

    • Supplemental: AJ Swoboda, "The Sabbath Is a Gift from God" (Podcast)

  8. 8
    • WATCH: Session 7 (20:41)

    • Discussion Guide for Session 7

    • Supplemental: "Should Christians Identify as Gay?" (Webinar)

    • Supplemental: "'Gay' Vs. 'Same-Sex Attraction'" A Dialogue Between Greg Coles & Rachel Gilson

    • Supplemental: Matthew Ventura, "Gay Vs. SSA"

    • Supplemental: Wesley Hill, "If the Church Were a Haven"

  9. 9
    • WATCH: Session 8 (19:42)

    • Discussion Guide for Session 8

    • Supplemental: Making Life Livable for LGBTQ Christians (Webinar)

    • Supplemental: Eve Tushnet, excerpt from "Tenderness"

    • Completion Survey


Hosted by Greg Coles, Ph.D.

Greg is the author of "Single, Gay, Christian" and "No Longer Strangers." He's also a Senior Research Fellow at The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender, a worship leader at his local church in Idaho's Treasure Valley, and an enthusiastic (though tragically intermittent) amateur baker.


  • Who is this series for? What is its purpose?

    Journeys of Faith is an eight-session resource designed for LGBTQ and same-sex attracted people interested in Jesus. It’s designed to challenge and encourage you no matter where you are in your own faith journey, whether you’re a curious agnostic, a lifelong Christian, or anywhere in between.

  • Who created this series, and what do they believe?

    This series was created by The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender. You can learn more about us at centerforfaith.com. Our Statement of Faith and our Statement of Marriage and Sexual Ethics are available at https://www.centerforfaith.com/about/statement-of-faith. We hope you’ll feel welcome in this space no matter what you believe—or if you’re still not sure what you believe.

  • If I want to go through this series with a group of people, can I do that?

    Yes! Each session includes discussion questions that you can use one-on-one with a friend or in a small group.

  • Why is this series free? Will it stay that way?

    Thanks to the generous support of our donors, this series will be free for at least one year after its release. After that, we hope to keep it free indefinitely through ongoing donations.

  • What if I have technical questions or need support while going through this series?

    If you have questions about technical support, please email us at [email protected].

  • Where does this organization stand on Christians using terms like “gay” and “LGBTQ”?

    We believe that faithful Christians who are attracted to the same sex or experience gender dysphoria can reach different conclusions about which language is most helpful to describe their experience. More resources related to this conversation, including dialogues between people who adopt different approaches, are available in the supplemental resources of Session #7.