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An 11-part series designed for parents of LBGTQ kids. Each session includes a teaching video hosted by Dr. Preston Sprinkle, along with testimonials, as well as a variety of supplemental materials.

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    • WATCH VIDEO (10:58)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Terminology Guide

    • Welcome Survey

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    • Report & Survey: Challenges Faced by Christian Parents of LGBTQ Kids (Download)

    • Supplemental - Dear Church: I'm Gay (20:38)

    • Supplemental: Why Didn’t Jesus Mention Homosexuality? (Download)

    • Supplemental: Was Homosexuality the Sin of Sodom? (Download)

    • Supplemental: 15 Reasons for Affirming Same-Sex Relations – and 15 Responses (Download)

    • Supplemental: Did Adult Consensual Same-Sex Relationships Exist in Bible Times? (Download)

    • Greg Coles' Story

    • Kat LaPrairie's Story

    • John Wilson's Story

    • Heather Skriba's Story

    • Webinar: Parenting LGBTQ Kids with Greg Coles & Preston Sprinkle

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    • WATCH VIDEO (20:05)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Webinar: A Christian Perspective on Parenting Gay Children

    • Supplemental: Four Truths I Wish I'd Known as a Gay Teen (Blog)

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    • WATCH VIDEO (19:14)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Counseling Referral Contact

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    • WATCH VIDEO (25:25)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Supplemental: 10 Things I Wish Every Christian Leaders Knew About Gay Teens in Their Church (Download)

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    • WATCH VIDEO (20:54)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Supplemental: A Christian Perspective on Parenting a Gay Child (Download)

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    • WATCH VIDEO (24:25)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Webinar: Creating Healthy Churches for LGBTQ+ People

    • Supplemental: Is Same-Sex Attraction (or “Being Gay”) a Sin? (Download)

    • Mid-Point Survey

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    • WATCH VIDEO (24:01)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Supplemental: Your Arguments about Sexual Ethics Matter Less than You Think (Blog)

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    • WATCH VIDEO (25:58)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Supplemental: Should Christians Attend a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony? (Download)

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    • WATCH VIDEO (21:25)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Webinar: Parenting LGBTQ Kids

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    • WATCH VIDEO (21:21)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Supplemental: A Biblical Conversation About Transgender Identities (Download)

    • Webinar: An Introduction to the Transgender Conversation

    • Supplemental: Reflections on the Debate Concerning the Desistance Rate among Young People Experiencing Gender Dysphoria (Download)

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    • WATCH VIDEO (20:52)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Supplemental: What Pronouns Should Christians Use for Transgender People? (Download)

    • Webinar: A Christian Perspective on Parenting Trans Kids and Teens

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    • WATCH VIDEO (22:20)

    • Parents Discussion Guide

    • Supplemental: A Christian Survey of Sex Reassignment Surgery and Hormone Therapy (Download)

    • Supplemental: An Endocrinologist’s Perspective on Puberty Blockers & Cross Sex Hormones (Podcast or Video Option)

    • Completion Survey

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    • Thank You!

Love Your Kids Like Jesus

This series is a much-needed resource for Christian parents of LGBTQ kids.


  • What is this organization's statement or view on marriage, sexuality & gender?

    1. According to God’s design and intent, sex difference (male and female) is an intrinsic part of what marriage is. While same-sex marriage is legal in some countries, it does not represent a historical, Christian view of marriage. 2. All sex outside of marriage is sin. 3. The Fall has corrupted God’s original intent for human sexuality in all persons; therefore, all people—straight or non-straight—experience corruption in their sexuality. 4. Simply experiencing attraction to the same sex (or being gay) is not in itself a morally culpable sin. 5. Biological sex is an essential part of human identity. 6. All forms of abuse, slander, dehumanization, or oppression toward fellow humans are an affront against God’s sacred image, which has been stamped upon all people.

  • What is the purpose of this content? What will I learn?

    Our most requested resource to date has been a series designed specifically for parents of LGBTQ kids. We've surveyed hundreds of parents of LGBTQ kids, meticulously reviewed scripts, and interviewed amazing parents and LGBTQ people alike to bring you a one-of-a-kind series. You’ll learn practical ways to love your LGBTQ child and we'll humanize the discussion as we present powerful testimonies of parents who maintained their faith convictions while loving their children.

  • What does it cost? How long will I have access?

    This eCourse is $99 and will be accessible for 18 months after your purchase. After 18 months, you will need to repurchase the course.

  • What if I have technical questions or need support while going through this series?

    If you have questions about technical support, please email us at [email protected]. If you have theological questions, please refer to our Pastoral Papers, which can be downloaded for free at

  • How can I get Christ-centered personal counseling or advice about an LGBTQ child or friend?

    While we are not a counseling organization, we do keep a growing list of counselors and therapists who have told us that they help clients explore sexuality and gender identity in a way that honors their Christian faith. You can request a referral at

  • Can I share my login?

    This course is designed and priced for one user (or, in this case, one household) per login. If you wish to have multiple logins for relatives or friends, we kindly ask that they purchase their own subscription to this course.

  • Where does this organization stand on Christians using terms like "gay" and "LGBTQ"?

    We believe that faithful Christians who experience attraction to the same sex or gender dysphoria can reach different conclusions about which language is most helpful to describe their experience. To understand two different faithful approaches to this question, read our blog dialogue "Gay vs. "Same Sex Attraction" ( For additional discussion of concerns about the phrase "gay Christian" (and responses to those concerns), watch "What Does 'Gay Christian' Actually Mean?" We will also be hosting a webinar about these topics on April 25, 2022, called "Should Christians Identify as Gay?"